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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we go on the sand dunes?

We can only go by the sand dunes in designated areas. We never walk on the dunes or grass, we carefully pose in front of them. The State of Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control have granted a special permit to Portraits In The Sand for our portraits. The dune line is very fragile and provides habitat for many species, including some that are endangered such as Seabeach Amaranth and the Piping Plover. Beach grass helps build and stabilize the dunes. Walking on or near beach grass can damage its brittle stalks and root system. We need the dunes for everyone to enjoy as their background. Also, without the dunes, the ocean would soon erode through many properties and even the highway. Sand dunes are essential for protection against damaging coastal storms. When sand dunes are destroyed, storm waves can rush inland, flood properties and put lives at risk. Stabilized dunes absorb wave energy and act as major sand storage areas which replenish sand to eroded beaches during a storm. Beach grass helps to build and stabilize dunes by trapping windblown sand. As the grass traps the sand, it builds the dune higher and wider, which makes it more protective of the structures behind it. If we use one of these locations for your portrait, there is a State Park entrance fee of $5.00 for vehicles with DE tags and $10.00 for out of state vehicles. Season passes are also available. Car pool if you can and please use the self pay envelope at the entrance booth if the attendant is not there. Rangers do check vehicles and will leave you a ticket if you don’t display your receipt. You might want to visit any of the seashore state park areas earlier in the day since you pass is good for the whole day at any of these park locations. The parks usually have the best background for your portraits.

How it Works

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Step 6: Preview and purchase prints the next morning in our studio

Step 7: Receive your finished portraits in a few weeks

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