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You usually have more than enough usable images to choose from. More often people don’t know what to do with all the good shots. Besides hanging them on your wall, albums and image box collections are a popular choice. Some people want the best expression of everyone at the exact same time. Our digital artist can switch eyes, heads or even bodies to help. You won’t even notice anything out of place. After photographing the whole family together, we usually break down into the individual families, original siblings, parents, couples, children, grandparents with the grand kids, individuals and a few senior poses all included during your session if time and light allow. If we are just photographing an individual family or children only, there will be more variety and selections to choose from. Poses may vary with different backgrounds, laying, sitting, kneeling, standing, walking and jumping. Make sure to view our gallery of ideas online and you can email them to us ahead of time. If you have any ideas or particular poses in mind, I will be more than happy to try.

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