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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of the day take portraits of people outdoors and on the beach?

We can photograph any time of day, but everyone will look better in the later part of the day.  We usually start within two hours before sunset. This is the best light of the day. You will also squint less and reduce the shadows at this time.  Each day and moment will have its own colors, lighting and shadows. The exact time will vary according to the time of year, weather, and clouds in the sky. We usually get in touch on the afternoon of your session to narrow down the time after we look at the current satellite and radar images to work around the weather.  Cloudy and rainy days give nice, soft (studio) lighting and allow more time of the day to photograph.  We will get out there before, after or in between showers. A light drizzle won’t even show up in your portrait. It rarely rains heavy all day. We will find our window of opportunity. Cloudy days are the best days to have portraits. Please keep your schedule open for time changes due to weather and lighting conditions.

How it Works

Step 1: Review the website, pricing, gallery and FAQs

Step 2: Request a Portrait Session date

Step 3: Discuss the details with the photographer at 302-226-9226

Step 4: Schedule and Pay your Portrait Session

Step 5: Email us a photograph of your walls you wish to display your portraits on

Step 6: Preview and purchase prints the next morning in our studio

Step 7: Receive your finished portraits in a few weeks

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