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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a photographer located at the beach?

A Local Photographer has more experience with the area including locations, conditions, traffic, weather, recommendations and other what if situations. His studio is also nearby for extra equipment and supplies. Viewing and ordering can be quick and easy while you are still in town. You won’t have to wonder how or if your portraits turned out. According to the Small Business, 60% of the profits from locally-owned businesses stay right here to help keep our beach communities strong. David Koster is the only Master and Certified Professional Photographer located at the beach in Delaware. His children go to school nearby and he has family at the beach too. He is also a member of all the area Chamber of Commerce’s with a good reputation in the community. Don’t worry, he is here to stay and help you all year long.

How it Works

Step 1: Review the website, pricing, gallery and FAQs

Step 2: Request a Portrait Session date

Step 3: Discuss the details with the photographer at 302-226-9226

Step 4: Schedule and Pay your Portrait Session

Step 5: Email us a photograph of your walls you wish to display your portraits on

Step 6: Preview and purchase prints the next morning in our studio

Step 7: Receive your finished portraits in a few weeks

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