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Frequently Asked Questions

  • With over 20 years experience of living and photographing at the beach, Certified Professional Photographer David Koster is an artist providing you with the skills, patience, knowledge, and training to create a custom photographic piece of art you will truly treasure.
  • We create quality portraiture all year long, in color or black and white, from finished prints and cards, to fine-art canvas wall portraits.
  • We use a Digital Portrait Artist to touch up your portraits so that everyone looks their best. We can use talent, skill and technology to help you look thinner, erase aging or blemishes, and correct any imperfections. Much more than just an "Edit". We’ll keep the changes subtle and natural.
  • We offer a wide selection of popular contemporary, and traditional, products, displays, and framing.
  • Families get the very best portrait session. Our approach helps you relax, and enjoy the experience.
  • We work quickly to create a large variety of images for your selections.
  • There are many options and locations for your portrait including the beach, golf course, home, backyard, porch, boat, studio or someplace special to you.
  • We know the best areas for photography, and the best times of day for each area, orchestrating them under varying weather conditions.
  • We use advanced satellite and radar monitoring of the weather to assure your window of opportunity for your best portrait session and pictures.
  • We are licensed, and insured and have the required beach photography permits.
  • We are members of many chambers of commerce, professional photography organizations and the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, where we are well known in the community with a good reputation.
  • You will be able to preview, select and order your portraits the following morning in our state of the art studio/gallery.
  • David Koster is schooled in photography, and the only experienced Certified Professional Photographer located at the Beach in Southern Delaware.
  • Certified Professional Photographer David Koster is the only photographer accredited by Hearts & Lens (formerly Special Kids Photography of America), to photograph people with special needs.
  • Mr. Koster's training and experience guarantees you will be satisfied, and you won't get better photography anywhere else.
  • Your satisfaction with our work is fully guaranteed for memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.


A Local Photographer has more experience with the area including locations, conditions, traffic, weather, recommendations and other what if situations. His studio is also nearby for extra equipment and supplies. Viewing and ordering can be quick and easy while you are still in town. You won’t have to wonder how or if your portraits turned out. According to the Small Business, 60% of the profits from locally-owned businesses stay right here to help keep our beach communities strong. David Koster is the only Master and Certified Professional Photographer located at the beach in Delaware. His children go to school nearby and he has family at the beach too. He is also a member of all the area Chamber of Commerce’s with a good reputation in the community. Don’t worry, he is here to stay and help you all year long.

We can photograph any time of day, but everyone will look better in the later part of the day.  We usually start within two hours before sunset. This is the best light of the day. You will also squint less and reduce the shadows at this time.  Each day and moment will have its own colors, lighting and shadows. The exact time will vary according to the time of year, weather, and clouds in the sky. We usually get in touch on the afternoon of your session to narrow down the time after we look at the current satellite and radar images to work around the weather.  Cloudy and rainy days give nice, soft (studio) lighting and allow more time of the day to photograph.  We will get out there before, after or in between showers. A light drizzle won’t even show up in your portrait. It rarely rains heavy all day. We will find our window of opportunity. Cloudy days are the best days to have portraits. Please keep your schedule open for time and location changes due to weather and lighting conditions.

Make your appointment for the first day that your entire group will be available. It is nice to have everyone's portrait taken before they get sun burned. This may also allow for backup days due to weather or other reasons, if the photographer is still available. Your portrait session may take up to an hour. Try to schedule your photo session during the beginning of your vacation so that we may view, select and order your images together before you leave town. Please click here to Request a Sesson Date, before your date is taken or call us for availability 302-226-9226.

Your session will usually take about 30-90 minutes, depending on everyone's cooperation, size of the group, and weather conditions. We may have to wait for the right light as the sun is setting, too. Make sure everyone (especially the children) has had a good nap and has eaten dinner or at least a good snack before the session. They will look much happier. You may save desert for a reward after the session. Also avoid the waterpark or any strenuous activity the day of your session when people just get too tired and cranky at the end of the day.