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Your family memories are precious. And, if you are like most families, your photos are scattered to the whims of social media, forgotten on your phone, or packed in boxes from decades ago. Getting organized and keeping your photos safe may feel overwhelming. It’s just one of your many to-dos on that someday list. Worst yet, something happens, and those memories are gone forever?

Memories In The Sand, a sister company of Portraits In The Sand, offers photo scanning, digitizing, restoration, and organizing that can then be stored in a private online platform where they are preserved forever and easily accessible and shared with friends and family.

“Live a great story, celebrate and preserve it,” says owner Carrie Koster.  “We want families to see the value in their history and memories and to have the tools to enjoy and preserve them for future generations. Many clients have forgotten family stories in the photos they have packed in boxes, or years of family vacations stored on a computer and easily lost. Memories in the Sand has more than 20 years of photographic experience and created systems that help individuals and families curate and celebrate their family legacies through collections of organized photographs.

At last, you can get your photos organized, digitized, and create a permanent home for all your digital assets. With Memories in the Sand’s services you can access, share, print, preserve and so much more.  “We value the family story and feel it is important to celebrate with loved ones and preserve for future generations.”

For more information and a free consultation contact Carrie Koster at 302-226-9226 or visit

Tuesday, 20 May 2014