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The very best days of you and your pet's life!

We call it Pawtography! Treasure their unique personalities in their own portrait.

We love our pets! They’re part of the family, too. Pet portraits have become a tradition in the relaxed, natural beauty of the Mid-Atlantic beach coast. Because we share our lives with them for often many years, we want to capture those times — revealing the bond and affection between us and our companion animals.

Put David’s broad experience and training to work for you, and request a portrait of your beloved pet. Photographing animals is not an easy or quick process. But David has learned how to capture your pet’s personality — its playfulness, love, and charm — with skill and speed. He positions the family pets nicely with their people, posed and expressive, for a portrait of the whole family.

For more information or to reserve a session, call David at 302-226-9226 or 888-841-9226. Please reserve summer sessions early to ensure you get our preferred appointment date. Prime sunset session, holiday, and weekend appointments are in high demand.

Imagine your pet's portrait on the beach
Pet Portraits In The Sand - The Pet Portrait Specialist

2008 08 02 Adams 4707f5x7
Bridget12 22 06Dog9817fp
BridgetRunning4 23 04
Briggs6 8 09 9272fp
CinelliGoldenDoodleDog2 23 07 0872f 1
EastDeCourseyDogs5 21 08 1752fw
Eigg2009 Collage8x20
Eyer11 9 09 7816f2.2x3.2
Eyer11 9 09 7830fb
Fargo6 9 09Dog 9365fp
FogartyDogs9 4 05 8366fw
IMG 3939f4x5
Kim5 23 08 1950f8x10
LauraMcCann5 3 06 0323f
Mehanburman12 17 050916ff
Meredith10 11 09 7103fp
Meredith10 11 09 7135fb
PierreDog7 14 06 6035
Stielper10 9 09 6946f8x10

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Please call us now for more information and reservations.

Phone: 302-226-9226
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