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Photographic Prints are still one of the most treasured products by families today. Help preserve and share your memories for generations to come with these archival print products.

We offer different finishes and sizes for different tastes and budgets. There are wallet sizes and holiday cards, wall portraits up to 100 inches on fine art canvas, and everything in between. Printed portraits are touched up, adjusted, toned and come mounted with a protective coating archivally rated for 100 years. 8”x10” prints start at $100 with small wall sizes starting at $500. 10 page albums start at $1250. Most families choose a larger wall portrait as a focal point in their living room area, (24”x30” mantelpiece starting at $1300) accented with smaller prints of different poses and groupings around the room and for other areas of their home and office. Average individual families usually invest a couple thousand dollars on their portrait art collection. (Please note that our portrait prices have not changed more than $5 in over 10 years.)  A fine portrait will also make a lasting and enduring gift for yourself, your family, and generations to come. Remember, there is no sales tax in Delaware. We offer a satisfaction guaranteed backed up with the skills, knowledge, experience, reputation, and credentials to provide you with a portrait you will love.

*Please call or schedule a visit to our studio for specific pricing and samples of these fine pieces.*

The Ultimate Canvas Masterpiece

Experience the ultimate in handmade print finishing. This is truly one of the finest canvas products in the world. Your image becomes the masterpiece that it deserves. This unique wall portrait is hand finished meticulously with artwork to enhance your portrait and mounted tightly on a stretcher bar. About a dozen layers of acrylics, lacquers and oils give you the most depth dimension and beauty so it looks almost like you are coming out of the wall. You will be justly proud of this investment of your family’s pictorial mural. It is indeed the heirloom to be admired for generations and will become more valuable each day. Museum quality and archivally rated for over 200 years! This is our BEST finish.

The Painters Portrait

Th Painters Portrait is another one of our finest products! After the highest quality printing techniques, materials, and craftsmanship are used to create this portrait, the emulsion is carefully adhered to canvas and mounted for strength. During the printing process, your portrait is made to look like a fine painting more on the impressionistic style. Then a protective spray is then used to preserve the portrait. The depth and brilliance of the canvas makes it especially suited for hanging over the mantle or sofa in a living room or family room. This is a wonderful look to add to your collection of art.

Fine Art Paper

Fine Art Paper has a light, watercolor texture and delicate feel. Your image is printed on this acid-free matte paper with optical brighteners, with a protective coating and mounted to a board, creating a stunning Giclee print that will last for years to come. This is the most popular choice in finishes with less glare and reflections from light sources.

Fine Art Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Nothing shows off your artistic side quite like a Fine Art Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Printed on premium matte canvas and wrapped around a 1.5 inch stretcher bar and a protective coating. The extra depth stands out on a wall and you don’t need a frame with the second most popular choice of finishes.

The Basic Canvas

The Basic Canvas uses cutting-edge equipment, printing on the world's finest photographic paper with a lustre coating for protection, then bond the photographic prints to a canvas material. The tight weaved canvas is pressed into the print, giving it a beautiful, even texture and mounted. Plus, our team of experienced color technicians provide superb color management so that each and every print looks picture perfect. This is the most economical choice on a tighter budget.

The Color Collection

Printed on professional portrait paper (not ink jet), with a protective coating and mounted to a mat board to help protect it for generations. These usually include 8x10s and smaller.

The B&W Collection

Your color image can also be printed on a professional grade black and white paper. These are True Black & White prints processed in black & white chemistry.

Photographic Album

Your images are printed on a professional photographic paper, mounted with a protective coating and permanently bound in a leather like album. Comes in 10 through 40 page sizes in increments of 2 (16, 22, 34 etc.). Order 20 or more pages and you just pay for the printed images, we mount them and give you the album for FREE ($300+ value).


NEW- Add $1500 for a behind the scenes short video film of your session, ending with a slide show of all the images you purchase. See all those special moments in action. (Only $1000 with the purchase of a wall portrait.)  Click here to see a sample style from our filmmaker.

Portrait Sand Stone

Your portrait permanently mounted on a beautiful ivory travertine sandstone complete with a wrought iron display easel.

Designer Portrait Hand Bags

Purses, totes, wallets, and computer bags. Styles range from cute and whimsical to classic and simple to masculine and stylized all personalized with the portrait of your choice. You can even give us your own image or logo to put on.


  • FREE Facebook image with your purchase of a wall portrait (Reg. $100)
    (Just Friend and Like Us on Facebook)
  • Business Portrait (Headshot) $300 (Winter SPECIAL $200) plus $100 for each additional at the same session.
  • Screen size digital file (Not for Printing) $300 each- Only $100 with the purchase of a wall portrait.
  • Low Resolution image printable up to 8x10- $500 each with a minimum of 4 + up to 5 prints up to 8x10 of each one!
  • One Full High Resolution image touched up, adjusted & toned. Printable as large as you want. $1000
  • Bring your own camera or cell phone. We'll set up all the poses and use your camera for $1000 per hour. (May not necessarily include prime time session.)

Add $2500 $2000 - High Resolution Raw Unadjusted Image Files on a disk from our Camera with Fill Flash.
(You or your Digital Artist do all the touch-ups, adjusting, toning, calibrating & printing)
Unless you are an expert at all of these, it may be like you taking a fine filet and turning it into a hamburger.

Add $10,000 - Have your favorite digital image out of each pose at full resolution, touched up, adjusted and toned(Usually 10 or more).
+get PERMANENT FOREVER STORAGE that you can add your own personal images, photos, documents, videos & audio files. Back Up and Auto Sync from your phone & Facebook. Scan and convert old photos too.  Guaranteed for your Lifetime +100 Years!!!

We are using top of the line Canon lenses and cameras along with a high powered flash to balance out the sun light. A portrait lens compresses the depth to make you look better where as a wider angle lens make you look wider. Canon’s CMOS Sensor captures images with exceptional clarity and tonal range and offers the most pixels in its class. We start out with about a 25 Megabyte RAW file that needs to be processed with Photoshop or some other image processing software. Our Digital Artist can slenderize, touch up, adjust and tone your portraits (Much more than just an "edit") . Sometimes we swap heads, faces, eyes, hair to make the image better. After we process and do all the work on your images, our file sizes can be between 50-350 MB each. We need high end computers, training and special software programs to manage and produce these high quality images. Our system is also calibrated with our printer to give you the optimal archival print. You could have your file printed at 100 different places and it would probably look different each time and not as well as ours. Digital flies of varying sizes may be purchased depending on your needs and uses. The finished portraits are our specialty and will proudly be passed down through the generations, especially as technology changes.

Research has shown that most people never do anything more than posting to Facebook or social media with their digital files, let alone back them up or print properly. This generation may well be lost without physical portraits to pass down for their family.

Restorations of old and damaged pictures

We copy the picture and have a professional digital artist restore the image for $135. Then, printed on photographic archival paper (not ink jet), mounted with a protective coating on an 8x10 or smaller for $100. (Total for $235) Larger sizes and finishes are also available. Please give us a call if you want to schedule an appointment to bring it by the studio – 302- 226-9226 or mail it into us.

Gretting Cards

Folded Cards made with your picture on the front are great for holidays, announcements and invitations with a personalized greeting inside. Envelopes are included. Ask us about a FREE album and other portrait products. Custom printing, cropping, blinks, head swapping, retouching of: hair, glass glare, braces, blemishes, wrinkles, waistlines, necklines, clothing, etc. are available.

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With a $5000 minimum on a new order, ;recieve a FREE screen size digital file of each image that you have ordered.

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